Optimization for Search Engines

The Web is the first place most people go for information. Are they going to find you?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Your website should be designed, first and foremost, for your customers.

But it should also appear high in the rankings when a customer (or someone who might turn into a customer) searches for a term that applies to you.

I can improve how your site appears in Search Engines without making your website less usable by customers.

Web Analytics

Do you really know how well your website is doing?

For example, do you know things like:

  • Do visitors to your site look around or do they leave immediately?
  • What pages to visitors look at most?
  • What keywords are people using to find your site?
  • Which other sites are referring the most traffic to yours?

You can’t know unless you collect the statistics and analyze them. This is called Web Analytics.

I can set your site up to collect those statistics, and then analyze them to recommend how your site can be even better.

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